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COMPANY "Radiotechcomplect" has launched CONTRACT MANUFACTURING FACILITIES in  Shenzhen  (China) . Our services include manufacturing of printed circuit boards, procurement of electronic components, assembly and testing of finished products. We offer complete production cycle or partial assembly of electronic modules.

OUR CONTRACT MANUFACTURING site (PCBA) is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows performing production tasks of any complexity.

Our manufacturing facilities use modern high-tech equipment which allows up to 10 million soldering points per day. Our equipment allows you to mount components of 0201 case size, including:

  • high-speed assembly machines HAKKO, ERSA, Fineplacer Core, linear conveyor reflow soldering oven with linear conveyor for SMT mounting of 0201 case size components and IC using 0.3mm pitch, and SMT mounting of  0402case size components and IC using 0.4mm pitch;
  • printed circuit boards cleaning system (ultrasound, bubbling, washing in deionized water), automatic jet washing boards;
  • mounting PCB using lead-free technology;
  • X-ray control of each soldered chip;
  • printers  for automatic paste application MRM 125, ASKA-GP, DESEN 1008 - Paste can be applied to the surface up to 0.3 mm;
  • mounting type through hole components, BGA package (mBGA), technology COB (Chip-on-Board) with 0.3 mm pitch.

Quality and Control

For electronic devices operating in extreme conditions, at customer’s request we can perform tests for resistance to climate and mechanical stress.

A scanner is configured for a visual inspection of the quality and conformity of soldered components.

Final check

Our experts check and make sure of the proper functioning of each module. They will identify potential failures. In order to proceed with testing you should send us a circuit diagram and a step-by-step instruction for required functional control, indicating the points of voltage supply and the expected response of the module.

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