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From the moment of foundation in 1997 our company specializes on supplying the enterprises of the industry, research institutes and design bureaus with electronic components manufactured in Russia, the CIS countries and the far abroad. There are more than 100 thousand items in our catalogue.

At the request of consumers we carry out certification tests of electronic component base of foreign production for compliance with the requirements of electronic equipment.

The company is registered on the leading electronic platforms where tenders and electronic auctions are held.

We provide the minimum terms of delivery of components and industrial equipment produced in China and Southeast Asia.

The company actively develops a supply direction of components for mechatronics and robotics: servomotors, sensors, displays and communication modules.

We accept orders for contract manufacturing of non-standard equipment, process equipment and tools.

5 facts about our company
1. Developed logistics
We have an efficient logistics service that allows us to optimize the methods and terms of delivery of products from abroad and across the country.
2. Effective quality management system
More than 20 years ago, the organization implemented and continues to develop its quality management system.
3. Qualified personnel
Specialists of our company have the necessary knowledge and extensive practical experience to successfully solve the problems facing the company.
4. Financial resources
Financial resources of the company allow to offer you favorable prices and optimal payment terms.
5. Stability
The company continuously supports efforts to expand further growth opportunities while minimizing risks associated with the organization's environment.
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