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Bimetal sensors and temperature controllers

More than 20 years ago, feeling the growing needs of the domestic industry in bimetallic sensors and temperature controllers, JSC "RTKT" was one of the initiators of the development and production of a new family of such products. Today we supply a wide range of original bimetallic temperature sensors. These include thermostats, thermal limiters, thermoregulators, thermal switches, temperature and power regulators for temperature control and regulation.

All temperature sensors delivered by us have necessary certificates of bodies on certification of the Russian Federation. Manufacture of temperature sensors corresponds to the International standard ISO 9001 (certificate number 07411, GLOBAL CERTIFICATION LIMITED).

There are thermoregulators of the following types:

  • Mechanical thermoregulator
  • Electronic thermoregulator (preprogrammed operation)

It is also worth mentioning that the temperature controller is a device that can be used in various devices. There are:

  • air conditioner thermoregulator
  • oil cooler thermoregulator
  • integrated heating thermostat
  • thermoregulator for water heater, etc.

In this case the thermoregulator can switch on and off heating of water, air, etc. by itself.

Any thermoregulator is available in several versions. There are both open and closed thermoregulators.

Clarifications of terms, product types, contacts, triggering temperatures

Bimetallic temperature controllers (temperature sensors) are a control device with an instantaneous bimetallic element. This temperature sensor element is sensitive to temperature.

There are thermosensors of the following types:

  • Thermo regulator – self-return thermosensor (keyless thermosensor)
  • Thermal limiter – a temperature sensor that disconnects the circuit once the set temperature value has been reached. This temperature sensor returns to its original position by pressing the button.
  • Thermo regulator – a device sensitive to temperature values. Thermo regulator is used to maintain a certain temperature of the device. The thermo regulator automatically switches the circuit off or on. When the temperature drops, the thermo regulator returns to its original position on its own.
  • Breaking pin - the pin which at influence of a control signal on a sensitive element opens, that is in a usual condition is closed, and at achievement of temperature of the set threshold value opens.
  • Closing pin, on the contrary, when the temperature rises to the specified (declared) value, the contacts are closed, therefore, in the initial state the contact is open.
  • Response temperature - the temperature value, taking into account the admissible error, at influence of which the sensitive element of the control device is triggered by the actuator (pins). Breaking pin - opens, closing pin - closes.
  • Return temperature -the value of the temperature, at which the temperature of the sensitive element decreases to the initial state.
  • Hysteresis - the difference between response temperature and return temperature.

To avoid confusion, especially at low (below room) temperatures, it should be noted that the triggering temperature is always above the return temperature. Therefore, the trigger is triggered when the temperature rises, and vice versa, the return temperature falls. Normal state of the contacts is the state in which the contacts are in before the triggering or return.

Thermal sensor set to below room temperature will be triggered at normal temperature. When the temperature drops to the return temperature, the thermo regulator will switch to the initial state.

Thermoregulators (temperature sensors, temperature limiters) from Radiotechkomplekt

Detailed technical characteristics of temperature sensors can be found on our website in the product catalogue. All questions concerning temperature controllers you can ask our specialists. Consumers have made sure that any thermo regulator (thermoregulator) from our company - a reliable product at an affordable price.


1. Specific values of switching and return temperatures, as well as tolerance, design and type of contacts are set within the specified ranges during the production process on customer request.
2. TKR and TKRM series sensors allow the user to adjust the switching and return temperatures.
The products of the TKR, TKRM, TK-100 and TK-40 series are designed to work in normally contaminated environments. The rest are designed to work in a highly polluted environment.
3. At the customer's request the supplies of temperature sensors with other parameters are possible.


Manufacture of temperature sensors with specific parameters

It is possible to manufacture temperature sensors according to specific customer requirements (low-current circuits, small hysteresis, design, contact type, temperature range, sheath protection, etc.). Orders are fulfilled in a short time (10 - 20 days). Delivery from a warehouse in Moscow.

To discuss the possibility of manufacturing temperature sensors with specific parameters, please contact us by phone 8 (495) 741-65-80, e-mail: thermo@rtkt.ru or via the feedback form on the site.

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