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Shipping and payment

1. Placing an order

The orders are only accepted from companies and individual entrepreneurs.

You may place your request for quote according to one of the following methods, whichever is more convenient for you:

In the application you should specify the full name of the company, details, needed quantity and quality category.

2. Receipt and payment of invoices

Payment is made only by wire transfer, by bank details specified in our account.

A prepayment invoice issued based on your request will contain information on prices and delivery times.

An invoice can be sent by fax, post or e-mail.

3. Pricing

Prices apply to a specific application. Term of validity of prices is specified in the invoice.

4. Shipment and receipt of items

Ordered items are delivered:

  • by self pick-up at our warehouse;

  • by express mail or transport company.

If you choose to pick-up the parts at our warehouse, you must pre-order a pass to enter the company premises. Your representative must have ID and power of attorney.

Together with the goods you will be sent: passports and quality assurance labels (or their certified copies), packing list, delivery order and invoice.

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