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Radiotechcomplect prompt supplies of high quality PCB



The company Radiotechcomplect prompt supplies of high quality PCB of the largest manufacturers in China, Taiwan and South Korea

Manufacture of PCB of any complexity, this work, we successfully implemented in the shortest possible time.

The materials used for the production of PCB

Ø  FR4


Ø  Rogers

Ø  Flan

Ø  high temperature materials, etc

Types of PCB

  • Single-sided and double-sided PCB

  • Flexible and combined PCBs

  • Multi-layer PCB:  1 to 40 layers

  • Multi-layer PCB with "deaf" and "hidden" vias
  • RF and microwave PCB
  • Deaf and blind vias
  • 100% E-test

  • Coatings pads: a hot tin (HAL), lead-free tin (Lead-free HAL), immersion gold, silver and tin. Filling of vias on pads mask, or copper compound

  • The minimum diameter of the via 0.2 mm, the laser - 0.1 mm, workpiece size 610 * 610mm or more

  • PCB optimized for SMD soldering

  • PCB with metal core or base (for aluminum substrates)

  • Fees 2nd accuracy class and more

Accept data to the manufacture of PCBs in standard formats.

This list is not exhaustive, and if you have other specifications we do with the request from the manufacturer.

Provide technical support.

Forming an offer during the day.

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